Saturday 27 August 2016

Join us at the Greensboro GFAF Event!

This is just a quick announcement about the GFAF Wellness Event in Greensboro, NC on Saturday, September 10th - that’s coming up fast! And I have some free tickets to give away! I will be giving a presentation entitled Recipe Remodeling: The Art and Science of Ingredient Substitution, in which I will explain how to keep the spirit and authenticity of your traditional recipes even when you need to change key ingredients like wheat, milk, and eggs. You will learn how to choose the right real-food ingredients to best fit your recipe, as well as some of the practical advantages these whole-food-based substitutes have over their conventional counterparts. 

I hope to see you there! For a chance to win tickets, leave a comment telling me an ingredient substitution you’d like to see featured on the blog!
Gluten-free (& vegan) bread, demonstrating some fantastically useful alternative ingredients
that are far more than just substitutes!

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