Saturday 29 December 2018

I’m a bakery now

Awhile back I promised you all an exciting announcement. Well, here it is: 

...  ...

I have opened my baking business!! This project has been many years in the making but now it’s really here, I’m so excited I can hardly believe it myself! 

I named it Millefiori, which - translated literally - means “a thousand flowers” but is regularly used to just mean many flowers, such as with a wildflower honey, or even a floral design...or in my case, a pun for many flours...get it? (It’s worth mentioning, too, that I indeed use flowers in my baking as well, as all of my colorings and flavorings are plant derived.)

I specialize in sourdough breads and wild yeast breads, and also make many sorts of cakes, cookies, and pastry. As with my blog, all my products are all natural, free of gums, and feature a focus on local and heirloom ingredients and traditional baking techniques.

If you live in the Durham area you can order from my website, or (hopefully - I’ve just applied!) find me at the Durham Farmers’ Market on Wednesdays starting this spring. (Unfortunately I am only allowed to ship within NC at this point.) My website is still under construction at the tim of writing but soon it will have a more complete menu of photos to order from. Meanwhile simply email me to order breads etc. Keep an eye out for Millefiori on social media later this month, too. And don’t worry, the blog isn’t going anywhere! I actually should have more time to post recipes now that my Big Not-so-Secret Project is finally rolling!

Sourdough bread from millet starter
Italian lemon almond cookies 
Hummingbird cake with white chocolate buttercream