Wednesday 29 April 2015


I know a few weeks ago I promised some recipes to follow up this post - so far I've made a couple of things with the peel, but both still need some work. These are the "rough drafts," though:
Lemon almond...thing...using the peel and the leftover syrup.
Cranberry citrus scones/cake - no pic of finished product, but the ingredients sure were pretty! 

Things have been pretty hectic around here lately for a combination of reasons, so I haven't exactly had time to revisit these particular recipes - or, for that matter, any of the other half-written posts I have laying around. Trying my best to finish up some of them soon!

First and foremost, we have been MOVING! (Again.) Thankfully, in town this time, actually only about 5 miles away (instead of, you know, 5 days...) Also thankfully, we have family and friends nearby enough to come help this time, so we had basically a big moving party and managed to get all the heavy stuff moved in one day. I'm pretty much useless as far as lifting/carrying, so my job was taking care of the food for that night! Got the kitchen set up enough to test out the oven and cook a big dinner. That means I've been able to make time for some baking, at least, even if the heavy-duty recipe-development has been on hold (because chocolate-chip cookies are essential to the moving process, obviously).
New oven appears to be functioning properly. (Photographer not so much, sorry!)
Still, the whole process has been a huge heap of stress: paperwork, inspections, waiting, more paperwork, delays, more waiting...and did I mention paperwork?! And then there's the actual moving part, with all the disarray that generates. We're done with that part now, at least, and things are steadily taking shape as we figure out where everything needs to go. The kitchen is almost totally set up, and I am so excited about it, and can't wait to start seriously baking in it (still figuring out the gas range though)!

On a note which may or may not be related, there might be a sudden proliferation of recipes for sweet things being posted in the near future. (Hey, don't judge...everyone has their own ways of dealing with stress, and at the moment, my way involves pastry.)
Part of a balanced breakfast?

P.S. On top of the house stuff, I've also been continuing to work on the big projects I've been hinting about for a while now. Some of them are getting to the point where I'll be able to share some seriously exciting developments/announcements soon-ish, hopefully! Stay tuned!