Sourdough Breads
Mixed Grain Sourdough [dairy-free] [egg-free]

Yeast Breads
Artisan French Loaf * [dairy-free]
Bagels [dairy-free] [egg-free]
Baguette aux Céréales [dairy-free] [egg-free]
Ciabatta [dairy-free] [egg-free]
Fougasse with Herbes de Provence * [dairy-free]
Honey Sandwich Bread * [dairy-free]
Multigrain Vollkornbrot (100% whole-grain/whole ingredients) [dairy-free] [egg-free] [no added starch]
Pizza Crust [dairy-free] [egg-free]
Polenta Bread with Butternut Squash [dairy-free] [egg-free]
Rustic Millet & Malted Buckwheat Bread [egg-free]
"Whole Wheatless" Bread [dairy-free] [egg-free]

Soda Breads
Buttermilk Biscuits [egg-free]
Irish Brown Bread (version 3) [egg-free] [no added starch]
Irish Brown Bread * [egg-free]
Brown Bread version 2 [egg-free]
Irish Oat Bread (traditionally GF) [egg-free] [no added starch]

Unleavened Breads
Lefse (Norwegian potato flatbread) [egg-free]

*Note: A few of my earliest recipes (Feb. 2010 - Sept. 2010) contain xanthan gum and/or guar gum. These recipes are indicated with [*]. All recipes after Sept. 2010 are free of gums.