Is there a recipe or specific food you would like to see gluten-free? Let me know, and I'll see what I can do! Send an email to if you have any recipe requests, comments, or other questions. I am also available as a guest speaker - I have previously spoken on the science and philosophy of gluten-free baking at events, support group meetings, and in an academic setting. 

You can also find me on Twitter and Google+!

If you are contacting me as a representative of a company or product: The focus of this blog is to help make food traditions and from-scratch baking accessible to those who live gluten-free. As such, I feel posting standalone reviews of snack foods/convenience foods generally does not fit well with that mission. I am, however, open to featuring ingredients and products that I find useful for baking. If you feel your product may meet these criteria, feel free to email me.